Class Descriptions

Morning Class  -  8:30-12:00

You will stay with the same instructor for the morning working on skills appropriate for your level.  (See the Skills Level Descriptions to select the appropriate level for your morning)

Level 1 – Judy House/Carol Crocker                    ***  THIS CLASS IS FULL!  ***

New Players and Beginners (All Day)

This class will meet together all day in order to develop the skills needed to build a good foundation for playing the dulcimer. Topics to be covered in this class will include a brief history of the dulcimer, how to hold, strum, fret, tune, and care for your instrument. You will also learn how to read tab and be introduced to time and rhythm while learning to play a variety of songs in DAd.

Level 2 –  Anne Lough                      ***  THIS CLASS IS FULL!  ***

Beyond Beginner/Lower Intermediate (Morning Session Only)

As we approach new repertoire, we will be refining basic techniques and skills on the dulcimer with a focus on strumming, finger placement and chords. At this level, we begin to understand the use of basic two and three finger chords for embellishment, playing chord-melody, and enhancing the enjoyment of jam sessions. 

Level 3 – Jim Miller

Upper Intermediate (Morning Session Only)

In the Level 3 Morning Class, we will take a look at playing special fiddle tunes that are known as A Tunes. We will cover tunes such as Benton’s Dream, Huntin’ the Buffalo, Red Haired Boy, and Little Billy Wilson. Be sure to bring your capo to class!  As Level 3 players, we will explore how music theory is the key to being able to play any tune you want by ear!  We will cover scales, chords, modes, intervals, and chord progressions to help explain why we do what we do when we play!

Level 4 – Jeff Furman

Advanced (Morning Session Only)

​The overall title of this workshop could be “Playing More with your Ears!”  Improving your hearing and listening can greatly improve your playing. We will break down the elements of good listening and help you to understand what you are hearing so you can apply it to your own playing. We will use this improved listening skill to focus on improving your own personal musical expression, emphasizing sustain and connectivity of your notes (smoothness), playing tastefully with others, and performance. We will explore music “beyond the notes.” Along the way you will hear some great music and make some of your own!  You can also bring a piece of music to play for the class and get feedback on what we hear…that is an excellent way to improve your own playing. Please bring a CAPO!



1:30 – 3:00 Sessions:


Level 1 – Judy House/Carol Crocker

New Players and Beginners (All Day)
A continuation from the morning.


Level 2 – Jeff Furman                              ***  THIS CLASS IS FULL!  ***

“Improving Your Fingering to Smooth Your Playing”  is the focus of this workshop. We will explore the how, why, where, and when of left-hand fingering position. Emphasis will be on learning how to choose fingering to help you with the smoothness of your playing, the quality of the sound you produce, and achieving better sustain and connection between notes and chords. There is no right or wrong way in fingering, but there may be ways that are better for a variety of reasons. We will explore these reasons and also consider comfort and physical issues to help you improve your fingering and help smooth your playing.Please bring a CAPO!  90 minutes.

Level 3 – Anne Lough

“Finger Picking Made Easy” – such a beautiful style to use in hymns, waltzes, airs and even jigs. Learn basic technique, variations and how to adapt tablature to a finger-picking style.

Level 4 – Jim Miller

“Playing in Two Keys without a CAPO!”  - We are always looking for ways to make our music more interesting, not only for us, but for our audience.  Come join Jim to learn how to take great songs like “Farther Along”, “In the Sweet By and By”, and “The Tennessee Waltz” from the key of D to the Key of A or G, not by using a capo, but with the use of transition chords instead!


3:30-5:00 Sessions:

Level 1 – Judy House/Carol Crocker

New Players and Beginners (All Day)
A continuation from the morning.

Level 2 – Jim Miller

“Fiddle Tunes in D” – In this class you will continue to expand your “Beyond Beginner” playing skills while adding some great fun fiddle tunes to your repertoire. Come learn songs such as “Johnny Don’t Get Drunk” and “Sally Slapped Me with a Flounder”, and more!

Level 3 – Jeff Furman

“Playing beyond D!” – This workshop will take the mystery out of playing in other keys. We will explore playing in different keys and indifferent tunings. We will also venture above the seventh fret! We will explore string relationships and chord shapes to help make playing above the seventh fret easier and more familiar. And we will add some interesting variety to your repertoire. You paid for the whole dulcimer, you might as well use it! Please bring a CAPO!

Level 4 – Anne Lough

“Beyond the Emerald Isles” – Get ready for those Irish Pub sessions with a typical Irish set that will capture the essence of Ireland! We’ll focus on improving left and right hand technique and playing across the strings to smoothly play up to speed.

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