More about the schedule:

For lunch, we will offer a very simple “box lunch” that will be provided by a caterer.  We will have an assortment of various sandwiches, including some with vegetarian option.   However we are not taking “specific orders” so it will be first-come, first-pick on the selections (you *will* be guaranteed a lunch if you register in time; see the registration page for more details).   Please note that this optional box lunch is the only thing that is not included in your general registration fee; the lunch is an additional $10.

Of course you are more than welcome to bring your own lunch; there will be single beverages available, at a reasonable “a la carte” cost.   (If you have special dietary needs, you might consider doing this; that way you can be sure that you will have something that meets your needs.) 

Another option is to go “off-campus” for lunch; this will actually be pretty easy to do, since there are a number of “fast food” choices (as well as other choices – deli/cafe/restaurant) within 5 minutes of the festival.  And you will have an hour and a half allotted for this time.

However, if you stay at the festival and dine with us, you will be treated to a short concert by participants in our “open mic” opportunity.  You never know just what you’ll hear in that!

After the last class of the day, we’ll have a short break, then gather for a concert by our instructors.  This concert (no extra charge; it’s included in your registration) should last between an hour to 90 minutes, so we hope to get everyone out and back on the road home by 6:30 or so.

All of our instructors will have vending tables, where they will be displaying and selling their latest CD’s, music books, etc.  So bring that checkbook along!   We also plan to have a table in the vending area hosted by one of our local music stores (who has been a supporter of our local dulcimer community); so plan to take time in the “shopping area”!

Skill Levels for the Winston-Salem Mountain Dulcimer Festival

Level 1 – Beginners

This level is for those with little or no playing experience, or you can play a little, but still need basic help. This level covers everything from tuning your dulcimer to basic strumming and fretting techniques, reading tab, using basic backup chords and learning to play in time.

Level 2 – Beyond Beginner/Lower Intermediate

This level can play melody and a few basic chords. You are ready to explore more right and left hand technique, three-finger chords, and start applying embellishments as well as improving your tab reading, using the capo, exploring various rhythms and playing multiple styles up and down the fretboard.

Level 3 – Upper Intermediate

This level plays more advanced tunes and applies embellishments, but is ready for comfort in playing a variety of tempos and rhythms, alternate tunings, playing with more expression, hearing chord changes, and playing more by ear. Also, this level is ready to use the capo at various locations and play a tune more creatively.

Level 4 – Advanced

This level is for the more experienced player who is comfortable playing various rhythms and tempos, and applying dynamics for better expression to your music.  In this level, you will focus on musicality, rearranging basic tunes, exploring a wide variety of music styles and genres, efficient and consistent fingering, and playing in different keys while tuned to DAd.  You are also ready to learn performance skills, memorization techniques, and ornamentation tips, tricks, and twists.

Winston-Salem Dulcimer Festival