General instructions:  Download the Registration form (links below).  Then fill it out and mail it back to us, along with your check.   Or, you can fill in the spreadsheet electronically and email that back to us, followed by your check in the mail (see form for details on these two options).

​​Most people have a "pdf viewer" on their computer.  If you do not already have one, you can download a free version from Adobe -

Registration for WSDF 2017

Winston-Salem Dulcimer Festival

The simplest way to get the Registration form, for most people, is to use the Excel file (download link below).  This file contains multiple worksheets ("tabs") that include the registration form itself, as well as other information you will find useful.​

​If you are not able to download or use Excel files, we also have several files in PDF format.  These files, which correspond to the various worksheets in the Excel version, can be individually downloaded and printed.