Winston-Salem Dulcimer Festival

​In the afternoon, we will revert to a more traditional style of schedule for dulcimer festivals.  Here you will find classes that are still designated by skill levels, but each class “stands alone” and is complete in itself.  There will be two class periods - 90 minutes each - from which you can choose your selections.  Think outside the box here!   There are lots of good choices; look over them under the “Classes” tab.  Pick two that you like and you’re ready to go  (Note: remember that “beginner-level” players will remain on the beginner track for the full day.)

More information about the day’s schedule can be found on the “Other Info” page.


Please note updates to the schedule below.  The following classes are now FULL (as of May 1):

Level 1 (beginners class) - all day

Level 2 Morning class, with Anne Lough   (this is the morning only - 'Core Skills Class' for Level 2)

Level 2 Afternoon I class, with Jeff Furman  (this is the 1:30 - 3:00 session, 'Improving your Fingering')

Our schedule for this year’s “one-day intensive” festival is really quite simple.  There will be one “long class” in the morning, for each of the four skill levels; you simply choose the track that seems appropriate for you.  Here’s how those tracks will work out:

Beginners – this class will be co-taught by Judy House and Carol Crocker. This class will actually extend the entire day – giving our brand-new, starting-from-scratch players a full day to be immersed in quality instruction.  You don’t need to know a thing to enroll in this class!  Even if you don’t know which side is “up” on the dulcimer, you will fit in here just fine (by the way, it’s the “strings” side that goes up)

Level 2:  “beyond beginner / lower intermediate” - This class will be taught by Anne Lough.  

Level 3:  “upper intermediate” – This class will be taught by Jim Miller.

Level 4:  “advanced players” – Don’t be intimidated by this title; and don’t be hesitant to step up to this class if this is where you belong.  Jeff Furman will help you refine your playing skills:  beyond the basics, beyond the intermediates, and on to a place of truly great playing.  Take the challenge!

More detailed information on these levels can be found under the “Other Info” tab on this website